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Winter time is burglary time – rent a locker in Vienna now

The winter months are the peak season for burglaries, as the early darkness makes it easy for burglars to determine whether someone is at home. From 4:00 p.m. or 5:00 p.m., the lights are already on in most apartments, making it easy for burglars to see whether someone is present. In addition, thieves are less visible to neighbors or passers-by in the dark.

According to the Safe Austria Competence Center, only about a third of burglaries are committed by professional burglars. The majority of burglaries are carried out by spontaneous perpetrators, i.e. people who act without much preparation or planning.

It is not surprising that perpetrators choose the path of least resistance and often search for objects such as ladders to easily get into the residential property. This means that everyone can minimize the risk of burglary.

Rent a locker in Vienna

We would therefore like to give you some tips on how to avoid break-ins:

  1. Avoid signs of absence: empty your mailbox and remove advertising material to avoid giving the impression of being uninhabited.

  2. Close windows, patio and balcony doors. Ideally, secure patio doors with burglar-resistant roller bars, as most burglars try to gain access by levering out the window frame.

  3. Security doors make break-ins more difficult: The police recommend burglary-resistant windows and doors from resistance class 2 for new buildings or renovations in order to make access more difficult for burglars.

  4. Light reduces the risk of burglary: Leave indoor and outdoor lighting on to simulate presence. If necessary, install a timer to save electricity. Also avoid privacy screens that allow burglars to proceed undisturbed.

  5. Put away things that burglars could use: Keep ladders or other tools safe and avoid leaving them on the floor. Never hide keys as burglars know all the hiding places. It is better to give spare keys to someone you trust.

But it's even better if you don't even store your valuables at home: Meine Schatzkammer in Vienna allows you to know that all your valuables are safe and protected, even in the event of an accident In the event of a break-in, store them in a secure location. Important documents or items of personal value to you can also be stored safely.


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