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Fairtrade Goldbarren

Recycled Gold

Gold should make an impression, and not leave an imprint.

Our fine gold bars are certified with the international LBMA seal, a globally recognized standard for gold, and are 100% made of recycled gold. This doesn't affect the purity of our 999.9 fine gold bars, but it has a positive effect on our ecological footprint.


The easy way to invest in gold.

Blatt Fußabdruck ein Zeichen für Nachhaltigkeit

Sustainability of gold

Can you even talk about sustainability in connection with gold? - If you ask us, YES! We are aware that the mining of gold is still not very sustainable. Therefore, we rely on recycled gold from old stocks. This enables us to trade with gold and not compromise on our sustainability principles. Buy gold with a clear conscience and benefit from the symbiosis of old and new with a gold depot from Meine Schatzkammer.

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  • Our fine gold bars are certified with the international
    LBMA seal, a globally recognized standard for gold.


  • With our gold depot as an online product, you invest sustainably in physical gold.

  • Regional production (Recycled Gold) of the gold bars under fair conditions in Germany.

LBMA certification

Gold as a resource 

Gold is a finite raw material, and no other raw material is recycled to such a high degree as gold. Just as new stars and planets were created from the supernova back in the day, gold is recycled from old jewelry, dental gold, etc. to create new jewelry. Gold can be recycled an infinite number of times, because it can be remelted any number of times without any loss of quality. This recycling is an important sustainability aspect and very important for the environment. Especially when it comes to the CO2 footprint of recycled gold compared to mine gold. Here, recycled gold is clearly ahead.


Golden opportunities

Retirement foresight

The first retirement plan that adapts to your life. Unlike stock or money investments, the value of gold is very stable. The investor buys a real asset that will not lose its value even in the event of a currency reform.

Gold Depot for children

Our free gold depot, now also a special children's depot, helps you invest in the future of your children and grandchildren. The optimal investment in times of inflation and low-interest rates. Stable, valuable, and crisis-proof.

get into gold

Expand your portfolio with gold. With the gold depot of Meine Schatzkammer you can keep your gold depot free of charge and manage it anytime and anywhere. Experts recommend gold especially to protect savings from inflation and loss of value.

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