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Meine Schatzkammer Wappen

SECURITY for your valuables

Security has the highest priority for us.

Our security concept was developed in cooperation with the ÖWD and specially adapted to the needs of Meine Schatzkammer. 24-hour surveillance, individual access, and the latest security technology ensure the highest protection for your valuables.

Reasons for choosing us!

We protect your belongings from everyday dangers.


Our staff takes ample time with each customer to address any questions, concerns, or issues in advance. 


Your assets in one of our safe deposit boxes are insured up to 35.000 euros as a standard, although the insurance cover can be increased at any point. 


A security concept certified by ÖWD, the latest alarm and security technology, and a high-security safe from Wertheim is protecting your valuables.

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Made by Wertheim

Since 1852, the Wertheim company has been a symbol of quality and security. Wertheim safes and strongboxes are developed in Austria and manufactured in Europe from high-quality materials. The safes are tested in independent testing laboratories against mechanical and thermal burglary tools and are subjected to further demanding security tests. This ensures optimal quality control and security standards.

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Security concept 

Our security concept is based on time-tested procedures in cooperation with the latest technology. 

This concept was developed in cooperation with the Austrian Security Service and specially tailored to the needs of Meine Schatzkammer, it includes all security measures, from 24h surveillance, and individual access to the vault to our security gates.

When you sign a contract, you receive a physical key and also define an electronic security code. This combination of traditional and modern security measures ensures that your valuables are properly protected in our high-security vaults.

Why isn't there
24/h access?

There is a simple answer to it, YOUR SAFETY!

A 24-hour system of this kind is way too dependent on technology and a "blackout", the failure of IT technology or networks, has ceased to be "science fiction" long ago. Because of that, we have decided against a security concept that is 100% dependent on technical aids. So we can guarantee the security of your values even in the darkest times. With this in mind, you will receive a physical key for your deposit box and will be personally escorted into the strongroom by our staff. Furthermore, a purely technical safe would also be more susceptible to manipulation and so-called "hacker" attacks. Already several times 24h safes have been victims of such robberies, as you can read in the local and international media.

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