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Rent a
document box

*Angebot gültig bis zum 31.7.2024 nur für Neukunden im ersten Vertragsjahr und nur solange der Vorrat reicht

Angebot 50% sparen
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Small space, great security. For only 9 € a month!

Data carriers, passports, or even Krypto-keys - keep all your important files safe in a document box at Meine Schatzkammer. Easy and quick access during opening hours allows you flexible storage.

109 €


per year

10 x 22 x 2,5 cm

(B x L x H)

Dokumentenfach Sparbuchfach


Icon Sicherheit

only 9 € per month (payment yearly)

two-factor authentication

Quality and security from Wertheim

ideal for storage of data carriers and documents

without insurance


For data carriers and crypto wallets of all types.

A cold wallet is the safest solution to store your crypto assets, whether they are paper or hardware wallets. However, you should be aware that if you lose your wallet, you may not be able to get your assets back. Always think a few steps ahead, with a document box at Meine Schatzkammer, your cold wallet will always be safe, secure, and excluded from loss.

Sicherheitscode per SMS

Store documents with security

With our two-factor authentication, we guarantee double security.

Two-factor authentication using a unique key and SMS-Tan guarantees the highest level of security for your document box. The condition of your box is also regularly checked and maintained by Meine Schatzkammer.

Sparbuchfach ohne Sparbuch hintergrund.jpg

Passbook box without a passbook

The classic passbook locker was reinvented.

Passbooks, the most popular form of savings at the beginning of the 1980s, were later knocked off their throne by the home savings contract, by now there are countless savings options from funds to ETFs to crypto investments. Our passbook box has also been modernized and adapted to these new savings options. New security measures such as two-factor authentication play a major role in this because security is more important than ever, and it's hardly possible to be safer than with Meine Schatzkammer. But of course, you are still welcome to put your passbook into the box.

ONLY for a short time

save over
50% now!*

*This offer is only valid in the first contract year, for a contract period of 12 Months and only while stocks last.

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Wertheim Magnetschlüssel

from Wertheim

Patented locking system from Wertheim - magnetic key as a guarantee of security.

The magnetic key system from Wertheim uses small magnets that are aligned in such a way that they open the inner tumblers of the lock through attraction or repulsion. This completely passive system requires neither electricity nor electronics and uses permanent magnets that retain their intensity and are not influenced by other magnetic fields. The advantages are protection against picking and lock bumping, as no leverage or kinetic energy can be transferred. In addition, the magnetic coding ensures a high level of key control and minimizes unlawful copies by restricting access to blanks.


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