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  • Are there really no deposit opening fees?
    There are really no deposit opening fees or any other fees.
  • Is there a monthly amount I have to pay?
    No. You don't have to pay a set amount per month. We only recommend buying monthly to benefit from the cost average effect. One-time payments or breaks are also available at any time.
  • A product at no cost to the customer. How do you finance this?
    We buy gold in large quantities and at an attractive price denomination. This creates a margin that allows us to offer the product without fees. Also, through our core business of safe deposit rental, we have a high level of expertise in the field of storage and insurance in the high-security area.
  • Are there any storage Fees?
    No. There are no storage fees.
  • Are there any costs in the fine print?
    No. There are no fees for you as a customer. Only in the case of shipping to your home, there are costs for processing and insured transport. There are no costs if u pick it up at our branch. Even if you sell us your gold, there are no sales fees, and you get the money on your bank account right away.
  • How can I sell my gold?
    All or part of your gold can be sold to us at any time. Select the amount of gold you intend to sell in grams in your online depot, and you will immediately receive an offer from MEINE SCHATZKAMMER.
  • How do I get my gold, what are the costs?
    You can get your gold at our branch anytime for free. The amount of gold affects the cost of insured shipping to your home. In addition to the shipping costs, there are 35 euros processing costs.
  • When does the gold pass into my possession at the collective safekeeping?
    The gold acquired for you by Meine Schatzkammer becomes your property by the time of storage in the collection depot . The purchase and storage in the collective depot will only take place after full payment of the purchase price. It should be noted that in the case of purchases by using the direct debit authorization payment method, ownership is only transferred to you after the cancellation period for the respective direct debit has expired, and the goods are only handed over after the cancellation period for the respective direct debit has expired.
  • The current gold price is too high, can I suspend buying gold?
    Yes, you can object to the purchase at the current rate in your online depot. The collected amount is saved and used for the purchase of the next month. However, your objection must be made on the day of purchase (first bank business day after the 15th of the month) between 10:00 and 14:00.
  • Can I make additional purchases in addition to the ongoing savings process?
    Yes, you can make one-off purchases.
  • Do the state or authorities have an insight into my gold holdings?
    As a private company, we are not subject to any obligation to provide information and do not pass on your data to third parties. However, we have to follow official orders.
  • If I sell my gold, how quickly can I get my money?
    You will usually get your money within a week of accepting the buyback offer.
  • Can I put my contract on hold or change the savings amount?
    Yes, any time - at no additional cost. You can change the savings amount at any time in your online login area. If you don't make any deposits, no gold will be bought, no matter how long you pause.
  • From which manufacturer is the gold?
    We only buy 999.9 fine gold bars from well-known manufacturers such as Münze Austria, Argor-Heraeus or Heimerle + Meule.
  • Where is my gold stored?
    We store your gold in our own or commissioned security stores. However, the exact location is kept secret for security reasons.
  • Can I put my contract on hold or change the savings amount?
    Yes, at any time - without additional costs. All you need to do is send a short email stating your deposit number and your request to:
  • Do I have to pay VAT when buying Gold?
    No, the purchase of fine gold is exempt from VAT.
  • Are there any taxes on the sale of gold?
    Capital gains within 12 months are subject to capital gains tax. It still applies that all profits from physical precious metal transactions are tax-free if the holding period is longer than 12 months. However, we cannot make this statement legally binding for all customers, so we would like to ask you to consult your tax advisor in this regard.
  • What is the deadline for canceling my deposit?
    The account can be terminated at any time by preserving the written form with a notice period of 6 weeks.
  • In what form is the gold purchased? Bars or Coins?
    As part of the gold depot, you only purchase fine gold bars 999.9 from well-known manufacturers (LBMA-certified). Coins are not available.
  • What do I need if I want to rent a safety deposit box?
    In order to rent a safety deposit box, you need an identification document such as your passport or driving license as well as the deposit for the key. This means brining 100 Euro in cash. You will receive the deposit back in full upon the termination of the lease. You are welcome to use the ATM in front of our shop if you do not have cash on hand.
  • How long does it take to rent a safety deposit box?
    It usually takes around 15 to 30 minutes to rent your own safety deposit box. You can store things immediately after the rental agreement has been concluded.
  • Is a deposit requested, how much is it and when will I get it back?
    We collect a deposit of EUR 100 in cash for the locker key. When you return the key, you will receive the full amount back.
  • Is it necessary to arrange an appointment?
    You can get competent advice in our shop during our opening hours without an appointment. By making an appointment, however, there is no waiting time, which can arise when our consultants are in discussions.
  • What are your opening times?
    Tuesday from 11 am till 8 pm. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 am till 6 pm.
  • Can I access my safety deposit box outside the opening hours?
    Generally, not. In very urgent exceptional cases, we can grant you access to the locker in goodwill, but this will result in additional costs (travel, security, etc.). However, we are not committed to this.
  • What am I not allowed to store in the safety deposit box?
    Objects with risk of fire or explosion; Perishable or environmentally hazardous objects; Objects whose possession / traffic is prohibited by law.
  • Is it allowed to store cash?
    Yes, of course you can also store cash.
  • How does Meine Schatzkammer GesmbH deal with the topic of security?
    In addition to the highest level of protection for the security of your data, we have taken extensive and certified measures to protect your personal security, e.g. through video surveillance, in our retail store. But also, your values stored in the locker are insured with up to 35,000 euros as standard, whereby the insurance protection can be increased at any time according to your wishes.
  • Is my safety deposit box insured and can I increase the insurance cover?
    Each locker is insured up to € 35,000 as standard. However, if required, you can increase the sum insured up to € 1,000,000 easily and without complications.
  • When does insurance cover apply?
    With the conclusion of the rental contract, insurance coverage also applies.
  • Do I have to document what is stored inside my safety deposit locker?
    In the event of an insurance claim, you must be able to demonstrate which items and valuables were in the locker. We therefore recommend a documentation of the content. Take a photo of every item and document stored and keep it together with the original purchase receipts or expert reports separate from the contents of the locker. It is best to keep an inventory list in which you precisely describe the content and value and note the date and time of storage. This is only a recommendation. Each customer is responsible for the documentation and we accept no liability.
  • I can rent a locker together with my spouse?
    Yes, we record your and your partner's data and both can access the locker.
  • Can I open or share my access, right?
    Yes, your ID document is only required for the first identification. After that, all you need is your key in connection with your code, which you can also pass on to relatives in order to grant this access.
  • Is my bank account in danger in the event of bankruptcy?
    No. Your locker remains unaffected in any case.

frequently asked questions

Below we answer the most frequently asked questions about our free gold depot and safe deposit box rental.

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