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Schließfächer bei Meine Schatzkammer
Bewertungssiegel Proven Expert
Bewertungssiegel Proven Expert


Safe deposit boxes and vaults in any size.

Quality, service, and security at a fair price. Meine Schatzkammer is the lowest-priced bank-independent safe deposit box provider in all of Vienna and the surrounding area.

*Offer valid until 30.6.2024 only for new customers in the first year of contract and only while stocks last


Our vault sizes

Our vaults are available in 5 different sizes starting from 999 €. Each vault is insured for up to 35.000 €. Higher insurance is possible at any time.

Meine Schatzkammer Tresor Größe S

Volume: ca. 50 dm³

999 €

per year


Meine Schatzkammer Tresor Größe M

Volume: ca. 80 dm³

1.199 €

per year


Meine Schatzkammer Tresor Größe L

Volume: ca. 100 dm³

1.499 €

per year


Angebot Meine Schatzkammer 599€ für ein Jahr
Meine Schatzkammer Tresor Größe XL

Volume: ca. 250 dm³

2.999 €

per year


Meine Schatzkammer Tresor Größe XXL

Volume: ca. 420 dm³

4.999 €

per year


More information upon request.

Each safe deposit box (and vault) is insured up to 35,000 euros against fire, water and burglary. This is already included in the rental price. An increase of the insurance sum is possible at any time. Shorter or longer terms from 1 month up to 5 years are also available. Should you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us! All prices are inclusive 20% VAT, not included is a fee in accordance with § 33 TP 5 GebG. For each safe deposit box (or vault) a deposit of 100 Euro for the key, will be charged at the beginning of the rental period, the deposit will be refunded after the termination of the rental agreement and the return of the key.


SAVE 200 €

*This offer is only valid until 30.6.2024 in the first contract year, and only while stocks last.

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Our Safe Deposit box sizes

Our safe deposit boxes are available in 4 different
sizes starting from 249 €. Each safe deposit box is insured with us for a total of up to 35,000€. A higher insurance is possible at your request.

Meine Schatzkammer Schließfach Größe S

7 x 30 x 45 cm

249 €

Meine Schatzkammer Schließfach Größe M

11 x 30 x 45 cm


299 €

Angebot Schließfach mieten


399 €

per year

Meine Schatzkammer Schließfach Größe L

15 x 30 x 45 cm

Meine Schatzkammer Schließfach Größe XL

21 x 30 x 45 cm


499 €

per year

per year

per year


optionally available: SMS-TAN

Additional security through third factor

15 € per yeas - can be cancelled annually

109 €


pro Jahr

10 x 22 x 2,5 cm

(B x L x H)

Dokumentenfach Sparbuchfach
Icon Sicherheit

only 9 € per month

two-factor authentication

Wertheim Quality and Security

ideal for data carriers and documents

without insurance

Document box

optionally available: SMS-TAN

Additional security through third factor

15 € per yeas - can be cancelled annually

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