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Gold as financial investment

Inflation-protected and crisis-proof into the future!

Especially in times of zero-interest rate policy and a high infaltion rate, gold is a great hedge against the creeping loss of value of your savings. That is why experts recommend investing in precious metals, preferably on a long-term and repeated basis. As a specialist in the field of gold and precious metals, we would like to support you in building a secure fortune, so that you can fulfill your dreams in the future and you can sleep peacefully.

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Investment Hintergrund

When it comes to investing, spreading risk helps avoid over-exposure to any one asset class. Many experts, including the World Gold Council, recommend investing about 2-10% of your portfolio in a safe haven like gold.

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GOLD 2 - 10 %

Investment in Gold

What should you look for when buying gold?


At a low rate, you get more gold for your money, at high rates somewhat less. Over a longer period of time, you buy gold at a lower average price. This is proven by the historical gold prices!


Basically, experts advise building up reserves by repeatedly buying gold over a longer period of time. Buy whenever you want to put something aside. 


For an uncomplicated and regular gold purchase, we offer you the possibility of our gold deposit. Here you determine an amount for which you want to buy gold monthly and we handle the purchase for you and keep your values.

Buy gold online

Gold may be the oldest monetary value in the world,
but today it is traded with 21st-century technology.


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Buying gold online offers the possibility of storing the gold in a vault, which allows the buyer to relax because all the worries about the storage of gold are taken over by others.

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Buying gold online is becoming increasingly popular for several reasons, and even traditionalists in the gold bullion world except that it offers many advantages.

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First and foremost, buying and selling gold online is fast and flexible, without the time-consuming hassle associated with traditional gold trading

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Golden opportunities

Retirement foresight

The first retirement plan that adapts to your life. Unlike stock or money investments, the value of gold is very stable. The investor buys a real asset that will not lose its value even in the event of a currency reform.

Gold Depot for children

Our free gold depot, now also a special children's depot, helps you invest in the future of your children and grandchildren. The optimal investment in times of inflation and low-interest rates. Stable, valuable, and crisis-proof.

Gold in history

Gold is everywhere. In our cell phones, in the wedding ring on our finger, in medals and buildings. The precious metal has been collected by people for thousands of years and this fascination continues to this day.

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