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Rentenvorsorge mit Meine Schatzkammer

Retirement plan

Made easy

Do you want to look into the future without worries and enjoy a quiet retirement, but you don't know where to invest your money without it being eaten up
by inflation?

Precious metals as retirement plan.


made easy.

The first retirement provision that adapts to your life. Unlike stock or cash investments, the value of gold is very stable. The investor invests in a real asset that will not lose its value even in the event of currency reform.

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Kostenloses Depot


Flexibler Vermögensaufbau


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Secure your pension.

As a general rule, precious metals should account for around two to ten percent of your total investments. It also makes sense to make regular gold purchases for your retirement plan, whether in physical form or as a gold savings plan. By buying at different times, investors secure the so-called "cost-average effect", i.e. a stable average price. This is particularly indispensable for your retirement plan.

Carefree retirement
with gold.

For an uncomplicated and regular gold purchase, we offer you the possibility of our gold deposit. Here you determine an amount for which you want to buy gold in a monthly period, we handle the purchase and store your gold for free. At a low rate, you get more gold for your money, at high rates a little less. Over the term, you buy on average cheaper (average cost effect). This is proven by historical gold prices!

Rentner am Strand

Golden opportunities

Gold in history 

Gold is everywhere. In our cell phones, in the wedding ring on our finger, in medals and buildings. The precious metal has been collected by people for thousands of years and this fascination continues to this day.

Gold Depot for children

Our free gold depot, now also a special children's depot, helps you invest in the future of your children and grandchildren. The optimal investment in times of inflation and low-interest rates. Stable, valuable, and crisis-proof.

get into gold

Expand your portfolio with gold. Experts recommend gold especially to protect savings from inflation and loss of value. The gold depot from Meine Schatzkammer is the ideal start into the gold business.

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