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The history of gold  

Gold bars are a symbol of the timeless fascination that many people have with gold. It has been valued as a precious metal for thousands of years and is a cultural symbol deeply embedded in the human psyche. 

The name gold is derived from the Indo-Germanic word ghel.
ghel - meaning yellow, shiny. The element symbol Au comes from the Latin aurum.

Gold im Periodensystem
Sternenexplosion Gold

Where does our gold come from?

"Our solar system, is among the most golden solar systems in the entire Milky Way."

Gold reached the earth via meteorites. It was stored directly in the earth's core. Most of the gold to which we have access today was brought to earth by meteorites after the formation of the earth's crust. In addition, volcanic processes repeatedly bring gold directly from the earth's core to the surface.

Gold as a Currency

The history of gold is as old as
civilization itself.

 It has been produced since ancient times and is a sign of beauty, power and prosperity. Some of the earliest records describe gold being coveted as both an art form and a means of payment. Since gold coins were first minted around 550 BC, they formed an important foundation for our monetary system.

Goldbarren 999
Goldbarren 999

Gold as a
store of value

Even more important than its function as a currency was gold's function as a store of value. Above all, the aspect of storing value was decisive for the success of gold and has represented a constant since ancient times. For thousands of years, people are storing precious metal for possible times of need. Most of the times the "depot" were hid inside the own house, or buried somewhere on the property. However, both ways have a certain security risk, as there were no protective mechanisms to stop possible robbers after the hiding place had been found. Unlike the people of the past centuries, you have the opportunity to store your gold with us, it is still free of charge, but on top of that it is safe.

Schlüssel aus Gold mit Goldmünzen

Golden opportunities

Retirement foresight

The first retirement plan that adapts to your life. Unlike stock or money investments, the value of gold is very stable. The investor buys a real asset that will not lose its value even in the event of a currency reform.

Gold deposit for children

Our free gold depot, now also a special children's depot, helps you invest in the future of your children and grandchildren. The optimal investment in times of inflation and low-interest rates. Stable, valuable, and crisis-proof.

get into gold

Expand your portfolio with gold. With the gold depot of Meine Schatzkammer you can keep your gold depot free of charge and manage it anytime and anywhere. Experts recommend gold especially to protect savings from inflation and loss of value.

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