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Focus Money TOP Service 2023

rent a vault

Do you have valuables that exceed the
dimensions of our safe deposit boxes?

We can offer you vaults in our high-security strongroom. From approx. 50 litres up to approx. 420 litres, we offer enough space for all your valuables. Every vault is without exception from well-known Austrian brands like Rottner-Tresor or Wertheim.

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*Offer valid until Monatsende only for new customers in the first year of contract and only while stocks last

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The perfect size

Our vaults are available in 5 different sizes starting from 999€ per year. Each vault is insured for up to 35.000€. Higher insurance is possible at any point.

Meine Schatzkammer Tresor Größe S

Volume: ca. 50 dm³

999 €

per year


Meine Schatzkammer Tresor Größe M

1.199 €

per year

Volume: ca. 80 dm³


Meine Schatzkammer Tresor Größe L

Volume: ca. 100 dm³

1.499 €

per year


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Meine Schatzkammer Tresor Größe XL

Volume: ca. 250 dm³

2.999 €

per year


Meine Schatzkammer Tresor Größe XXL

Volume: ca. 420 dm³

4.999 €

per year


Security levels

The degree of an overall security.

The vault security level is the certification that defines the protection against burglary. Only a tested vault can optimally protect your valuables from burglary and at the same time offers the possibility of legally ensuring the valuables stored in it. Strict testing methods and precisely defined guidelines guarantee the best quality of our vaults. The design also protects against fires to some degree.

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Complex and costly or simple and safe!

If a vault is suitable for you often depends on your living situation. At best, a vault should be anchored on a wall or floor, but this is usually tied to high costs. Additional information from your contents insurance is also necessary, as the insurance sums stated for home vaults are just seen as guidelines, and some insurance companies generally only accept very specific vaults. "If you choose the wrong model and something is stolen, the insurance company won't pay at all or only partially," warns Helmut Rieche, chairman of the initiative for active burglary protection "Not with me!" Play it safe and follow the advice of experts, store your valuables outside your own four walls. Store important documents, jewelry, heirlooms, and other valuables in a vault at Meine Schatzkammer. We offer unrivaled exclusivity, the highest security standards, privacy protection, and a welcoming atmosphere.

AT What risk comes a vault at home?

The problem with the installation.

The installation of a vault quickly attracts unwanted attention; anchored on walls or floors, the installation sometimes takes several days. News like that will quickly be passed along to others, the gossip in the neighborhood, or the conversation of the construction workers during their lunch break. This is precisely why burglaries can occur more frequently after a vault has been installed because criminals also pick up on such information. With a vault at Meine Schatzkammer, your valuables are permanently protected and insured with a basic sum of 35.000,- €.

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