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Gold News: "Knallgold" and purple smoke

The centuries-old mystery surrounding the enigmatic purple smoke produced during the explosion of "Knallgold" seems to have finally been solved.

Knallgold Goldsparen Golddepot

Over 400 years ago, alchemists discovered the phenomenon of "Knallgold," a substance that not only creates a loud noise but also yields mysterious purple smoke. In a recent publication, a team from the University of Bristol confirmed that the smoke contains nanoparticles of metallic gold, intensely colored in red. The crucial evidence was obtained by analyzing smoke particles under an electron microscope, revealing a structure identical to metallic gold. This revelation not only elucidates the smoke's color but also provides insight into the fascinating world of Knallgold, a substance that alchemists of the early modern period attempted to create by exploding gold.

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