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Gold as a hedge against inflation

The beginning of an inflationary period

According to the European statistics agency Eurostat, the inflation rate in eurozone countries was 4.1 percent in October. This is the highest level since October 2011. Ronald Stöferle, editor of the In Gold We Trust Report, one of the most comprehensive gold studies in the world, writes in his current issue of an almost unlimited flood of liquidity that is responsible for a noticeable increase in the price level as a direct result of the Corona Pandemic. In his opinion, we are currently only in the early stages of an inflationary period, even though Western central banks never tire of emphasizing that the current consumer price inflation is a temporary development. In his view, the inflationary pendulum has already finally swung last year, and inflationary forces are now stronger than deflationary ones.

Gold as a safe haven

Gold is seen as a safe haven against the loss of value of money: with inflation looming, many investors are betting that the precious metal is a real asset and not a promise like money. In addition, when inflation rises, there is also a good chance that the price of gold will rise, because many market participants want to hedge against inflation by investing in gold. Investors would like to take advantage of these price gains.

Our tip for you

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