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What is a LBMA certification?

Everyone who deals with gold or plays with the idea of buying gold, will at some point cross the designation LBMA-certified. Gold dealers also like to advertise the advantages of LBMA-certified gold. What does that mean? And what is behind the abbreviation LBMA?

The London Bullion Market Association is the namesake for the frequently used abbreviation and has been the most important place for trading gold and silver since the end of the 17th century. Manufacturers of gold bullion who wish to sell their products on the London Bullion Market must undergo an audit by the London Bullion Market Association. They are then considered LBMA-certified bar manufacturers.

The rules and regulations of the London Bullion Market Association cover two areas:

On the one hand, bullion manufacturers must undergo a rigorous auditing process by the LBMA to be considered LBMA-certified. Accredited manufacturers are regularly audited for compliance with these standards. These include compliance with all current laws and a “Code of Conduct” that prohibits child labor and regulates the observance of human rights. Gold from conflict regions or of dubious origin, so-called “blood gold,” is strictly forbidden.

On the other hand, the gold bars produced must meet certain criteria in order to be admitted to trading on the London Bullion Market. These specifications are laid down in the so-called Good Delivery Standard. This defines requirements for weight, fineness of the gold and specifications such as the length, width, and height of the gold bars. Important markings such as the serial number, the stamp of the manufacturer and the indication of the fineness, as well as the year of production are also mandatory.

How does the buyer recognize LBMA-certified gold?

A regularly updated list of bar manufacturers certified by the London Bullion Market Association guarantees LBMA certification. Through your gold deposit account at Meine Schatzkammer, you buy only LBMA-certified gold from reputable European manufacturers. This way you can be sure to get genuine and high-quality goods. This can have a positive effect on a later sale of the precious metal, as complicated testing procedures for authenticity are usually not required.


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